• REAL page-speed data from REAL users
  • REAL page-speed data from REAL users
  • REAL page-speed data from REAL users
  • REAL page-speed data from REAL users
  • REAL page-speed data from REAL users
  • REAL page-speed data from REAL users

REAL page-speed data from REAL users

...not from a server in some city far away.
Get insights, reports and alarms
to make SURE your website or e-commerce
is fast for everyone.

Get REAL measurements

Get exact stats for mobile morning smalltown power night users

With standard speed-checking tools you won’t discover edge cases
– different users, on every product-page or article.
We find them for you – fix them and improve your rankings on Google.

How it works?

Setup is easy. Look, how it does the job:

Our script collects data from real users. Spots problems.
Unlike server-type speed testing tools, data is real, no need for setup or guessing.

You get clean view on what’s happening on your site: missing pages, too big photos, conflicting scripts. Know when, where and what type of user was stopped from buying.

Alerts and reports come with recommendations, so can be forwarded to be fixed right away. Improved speed and no errors make Google rank your site higher.

STOP setting time for speed-checking LOADINGTIME collects it for you.


Discover any speed-related issue right away

Stop doing tests manually. With LoadingTIME.com they’re done for you and listed for review. You get alerted on every big problem, each time it occurs.

Constant logging and alerts
Fixes recommendations

Traditional analytics tools don’t give you all.

Typical analytics tools don’t measure performance. What’s visible is only the effect – bounces, not the cause – slow load time. Server-side testing tools may not load all the scripts and run from remote locations. With LoadingTIME you know what to fix.

Data collected from real-life hardware
No need for manual testing and guessing parameters

See how page-speed drives sales

With LoadingTIME panel you can see at a glance – no need for storing manually in Excel. Know the impact of every experiment, even months and years after.

Reports show speed issues and impact of solutions
Filters help drive business decisions - new site-features, marketing.

What stops Google and customers from staying longer?

Typical problems LoadingTIME discovers, are:

Site mechanism - scripts, plugins, 3rd party tools and server infrastructure

Heavy graphics - photos too big for user's screen

Unresolved content i.e. non-existing pages, graphics, mistaken links.

Pricing plans, that fit your needs

Pricing Table

$19.00 / month
  • Real-User Monitoring
  • E-mail alerts
  • Up to 10000 page-views
Choose STARTER plan
$0.00 / 14 days
  • Real-User Monitoring
  • E-mail alerts
  • Up to 1000 records
Strart with 14-day TRIAL


Hands-on onboarding

$19/ once


$19/ week


$200/ year

hands-on real-person installation
e-mail alerts
one report
unlimited reports
up to 5 domains

Stop wasting leads